Creating contemporary forms by utilizing artisanal techniques & aesthetics

April 19, 2021

Shiva Vikranth Rajasekaran – Director, Visrsti Design Inc

Founded in 2015, Visrsti Design Inc, gained international acclaim since the day of inception. As a design firm, it has preserved its unique approach by creating contemporary forms that speak to the materials, patterns, and palettes and by utilizing artisanal techniques and aesthetics within industrial practices. This emphasis has resulted in a body of work that is both functional and playful, timeless yet uniquely of its moment.

Shiva Vikranth Rajasekaran, the principal architect and founder of Visrsti Design Inc is a dynamic professional with years of experience to his name. His extensive practice ranges over a plethora of arenas namely residential, commercial and restorative projects. Extreme attention to detail arises from his research-based approach to design, that is optimised to yield maximum results. His discipline to his craft adds to his many accolades in Interior design, residential planning, Corporate Architecture, Furniture & Product design. He studied architecture at the SAID – School of Architecture & Planning, SRM University – Chennai, where he graduated in 2014. After graduating, Vikranth went on to pursue his masters in Project Management & Construction Management from NIBM.

In 2018, he became the co-founder of EPIC Inc. together with Murali Reddy. With its focus on executing complex designs and manufacturing designer furniture, EPIC Inc received national attention for their inventive designs.

Since its incorporation, Visrsti team has completed 400+ successful projects in a very short span without an ounce of compromise in quality, yet delivering unique designs with complete client satisfaction. According to Vikranth,

“Understanding one’s requirement and designing the same must become the very fabric of weaving an Architectural Design, the craft of making our world a better place, where our knowledge and technology doesn’t limit us but rather enables us to turn surreal dreams into inhabitable space. To turn fiction into fact.”

Vikranth’s business acumen has helped him to expand the company strength by 9X. By providing bespoke design at affordable techniques instead to cliché requirements, they have become the most preferred designing firm in South. He gives high weightage to customer servicing and is ready to move that little extra mile to provide a better design and service to his clients. Every client is different and their requirements are unique, hence understand the same and sticking to it is the success mantra of Visrsti. However, expanding team and exploring & introducing unique concepts are in the cards for the coming days.

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